Athletic Board

The St. Bartholomew Athletic Board is responsible for establishing and enforcing the program's Bylaws and |for all fundraising activities associated with our athletic program. Our goal is to ensure that all of the financial needs of the program are met and that all athletes are provided with a safe and enjoyable athletic experience. The Board members are:

Name     Title     Phone     Email
 Kimberly Ellis    President
 Kelly Seimer    Financial Officer        
 Brandon Musarra    Athletic Director    (440)829-5866
 Kelly Siemer    Athletic Director    (440)364-5611
 Kevin Wagner    Football Commisioner        
 Tricia Cline    Volleyball Commissioner    (440)503-5323
 Brian Sholtis    Basketball Commissioner    (440)552-3070

Co-Chairs: Tricia Cline , Brandon Musarra , Brian Sholtis , Mary Sholtis , Kelly Siemer , Kevin Wagner , Kim Whitby 

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